Giff Wars Session 2: Port Isley

The continuation of the journal of Nei, a Paladin in the service of House Organo.

The Party


The Giff’s hut sat in the middle of a large peaceful clearing. There was a quaint little lake just at the back.

Inside the hut, the Giff bumbled around; slightly too large for his surroundings he knocked a pile of books off the shelf as he walked by. ‘Dearie me!’ he laughed to himself. ‘Tea was it?’ He asked us.

‘Yes, Oolong if you have it!’ Alicath replied. Ubi offered us all some bright purple bourbons.

‘Delicious!’ I couldn’t help but cry out.

‘Yes… delicious,’ said Ricktar, eying the remaining bourbons on the shelf with a suspicious longing look in his eye. The hippo-oid came back shortly after with oolong for everyone and joined us next to the crackling fire.

‘Let’s get down to business’ he said addressing our group. He told us about magic and machines and how he had served alongside the princess’s father in the Ascension War. Taking out the letter, he inspected the seal. ‘This letter is from King Organo himself, and imbued with magic,’ he announced,  ‘Watch this…’ He picked up some tongs by the fire and, clasping the letter, delivered it into the flames. The letter burned away and just as something metallic dropped into the grate, the flames took on a life of their own, dancing around violently.

In the flames an image started to form of the King. His booming voice emanated from the fireplace, although more hollow, and with a tinge of desperation. ‘Ubi, my old friend,’ he said. ‘The Giff Empire has resurrected your airship. The resistance will have no chance if it remains in the enemy’s possession. You know it’s power; continents *will* be destroyed. Help us defeat it. You are our only hope.’

The flames died down and Ubi retrieved something from the fireplace. Turning it over in his hands, light bounced off the sigil of House Organo.

‘This is grave news indeed,’ Ubi said, breaking the silence. ‘We must go at once to Alder and speak to the King, but first,’ he said standing up, ‘there are some things I think you will do well to take,’

He led us into his storage room and dug out a box full of sword hilts. Eddie had a quizzical look at this development and Ricktar asks gruffly what use a box of hilts is. Ubi guffawed and said that these were not mere hilts. He passed one to Eddie and told him to press a small button on the side. Eddie was unfortunately unsure what a button was. But I knew what these were; sunswords!

Alicath Pose
Alicath admiring the sunswords, pre-burn

I took a hilt, pressed the button and instantly a long flame burst out of the end. Overzealously I flourished it around enthusiastically but ended up badly burning myself and singed Alicath in the process. Ubi handed out more hilts to the party, and various complaints, and some fixes later, including the manufacture of a sungun and a sunstaff, Ubi then gave Ricktar and myself two metal canisters. ‘Be extremely cautious to keep your flaming swords away from these if you want to live,’ he smirked.

‘What use are these?’ Ricktar grumbled. Ubi led us outside and threw one of the canisters at the distant trees. A blinding light and one enormous explosion later, several trees were flattened and we were slightly dazed even at that distance. Ubi turned around and said,

‘Now you know why there’s a clearing here. Keep your flames away.’

We headed back inside briefly to gather our belongings. By the shelf Ricktar was stuffing an ungodly amount of bourbons under his armour.

Ricktar Bourborns
Ricktar dealing with an unfortunate addiction to bourbon biscuits on the road.

A short time after, we set off into the jungle towards Port Isley.

The journey went undisturbed and it was midday by the time we arrived at the outskirts of town. The port below us was bustling with a diverse variety of people. At the sea was a pier with airships above and seaships below. The largest ship, an Empire ship, appeared to have cannons on it!

Ubi is disapproved of our outlandish outfits and sensibly handed us each a cloak from his bag. We agreed to head into town and for Ubi to stay behind on this hill. On the way towards the port however we disagreed on how to proceed. Ricktar and myself wanted to take the big Empire ship, but Alicath and Eddie wanted to take a smaller ship and go for a more subtle approach.

The team had a dispute and decided to split up!

I found a group of airship crew and persuaded them to join me in crewing a ship as “we are on a mission from God[unspecific]”. The crew eagerly agreed and I said I would give them direction later.

Nei on a mission
Nei on a mission from a god, but dont ask which one…

Ricktar meanwhile headed to a nearby tavern where, it turned out, Eddie and Alicath were currently playing a song on stage. Ricktar shook his head at the display and ordered himself a stiff drink from the bar…

Written by Chloe Wakefield

Artwork by Jess Butcher –

Edited by Aaron Surnaym

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Giff Wars Session 1: The Hunt for Ubi

The journal of Nei, a Paladin in the service of House Organo.

The Party


House Organo is under the influence of the Giff however they are not accepting of their rulers, they are secretly in rebellion.

The Giff themselves are said to have come from the sky on a star – how true this is depends on who you ask, but make no mistake they are alien in nature, and technologically advanced.

Before the rise of the Giff Empire, the Giff were split into factions where one side wanted to co-exist peacefully with the inhabitants of this world, and the other faction desired world domination.

Ultimately the peaceful faction was all but annihilated.

We found ourselves floating over the Tatu Sea, on a diplomatic mission to deliver a message on behalf of our princess to a Giff battlemaster by the name of Ubi who fought against the rise of the Giff Empire many years ago.

Unfortunately for us, a huge Giff dreadnaught appeared on the horizon and approached us fast. The Giff ship opened fire and huge cannonballs ripped through the ship. Grapples sunk into our ship and dragged it slowly towards the oncoming attacker. The princess, knowing the importance of her message made it clear that we had to go and ensure it’s delivery even if that meant leaving her behind.

The attackers bridged the gap with a gangplank and attempted to board. I ran over, attempting to stop them but was pushed aside with ease. The four of us; Ricktar, Alicath, Eddie and myself, decided it was time to go and flee to the escape chutes.

It was hard to see what lay below.



As we broke through the clouds there were many islands dotted about and we made aim for the largest of these.

Eddit, Ricktar and Myself, all had a heavy landing while Alicath swept overhead landing softly with a pirouette.

As more survivors from the ship parachuted to far-off islands, Alicath played a humble tune on the lute, by lute-master Fonsei and the late Father Yankee, named Déspaçito.

We watched as the wreckage of our ship plunged in the sea, the fate of the princess, and Mr Tibbles (Ricktar’s prized horse), unknown. We found ourselves on a beach, behind us a large jungle that followed the curve of the island to a steep cliff. A small hill lay in the other direction which we proceed to climb to gain a vantage point, however it was hard to see so far in the distance. Eddie’s familiar, Owl, scouted around and discovered a settlement not far from our location. We decided to head to the nearest village to see if any villagers knew the whereabouts of Ubi.

Alicath forages
Alicath attempts to forage and Eddie points out that the flowers are known to be poisonous.

Without warning the ground erupted as we approached, and an angry Bulette attacked! We all took heavy damage and Alicath had some suicidal plan to open its mouth!? Eventually the armour in its back cracked and I delivered a punishing blow with my warhammer.

After battle we rested and headed down to the settlement and, on the way, a farmer in his horse and cart came trundling down the road. Eddie charmed the farmer and the farmer invited us back to his house. He told us to travel to Isley harbour but also warned us to be on the lookout for grung. Alicath played a lovely song and we all discussed Ricktar’s bathing habits or … lack of them. I requested the letter, in the spirit of keeping it dry and clean. Ricktar took it out from underneath his breastplate and I gingerly put it in my backpack.

After a long rest our group travelled into the jungle as we made our way towards Isley harbour. An arrow twanged against my armour and we found ourselves surrounded by grung and being jabbed by tiny knives! Eddie cast a sleeping spell, which got most of them. Ricktar cleaved another in two. Those grung who could flee, did. But we hadn’t seen the last of them – they brought reinforcements!

After a short fight, a new sound emanated from the depths of the jungle which froze the grung in place. The grung fled and a giff burst through the trees! As it turned out the giff says his name is Ubi! I handed Ubi the letter, which the giff promptly read it and pondered on its contents. He left and gestured for us to follow.

Gang meets Ubi
The party meet Ubi

After a short walk a hut appeared in a clearing and the giff headed inside…

Written by Chloe Wakefield

Artwork by Jess Butcher –

Edited by Aaron Surnaym

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Giff Wars: Introduction

A long time ago,

In a multiverse far far away…

The War of Ascension is over. The Giff Empire now consolidates its’ power over the world through its use of advanced weaponry and superior warfare techniques, that it brought with it from the stars. But not all of the world is satisfied with subservience to the giff.

Many kingdoms balk against its power and are looking for a way to overthrow the Empire, a fact the Empire is not blind to. Rumours abound amongst the upper echelons of society of the giff dabbling in magic and artificery, arts they have rejected since they crashed onto the planet 500 years ago.

One House, once a Kingdom before the Giff Empire, has found plans related to a great giff weapon. A horrific blend of magic and their own alien technology.

House Organo must now find away to stop the Empire before it is too late…


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