Flashback Friday: “Rage of Demons: Lizardfolk”

It’s another Flashback Friday, where we look at an old article I wrote a a year ago. This weeks article is a continuation of the model painting articles I first started this site with!

I hope to revisit some model painting articles in the future when I have time to break out my paints once again! Until then I hope you enjoy!

Rage of Demons: Lizardfolk

This article was first published on 22nd September 2018

Following on from my Banshee post I decided I would post another model that I only had to ink for me to be completely satisfied with the end product. That model is a Lizardfolk that I got out of the same set of Rage of Demons boxes that I got the Banshees out of.

How the Lizardfolk model looked out of the box.

Once again the modelling on this particular model is beautiful and precise. This is joined with an excellent paint job; one of the best paint jobs I have seen on these models. The paint is on the correct parts and does not overlap onto sections it should not be, even the printed on face is precise.  This figure looks almost exactly like the artwork in both the Monster Manual and Volo’s Guide to Monsters.

The only thing I was unhappy with was the fact that all of those beautiful details were not emphasised by the painting. With that in mind I watered down some paints again!

I mixed a very dark, almost black, shade of green and watered it down into an almost ink-like texture once again. I then carefully painted it only over the green and brown painted parts of the model, making sure that it stuck in all the needed cracks and crevices. Once I had done this I mixed a dark yellow; not too dark, but enough to add some shade to the cream coloured scales that were on the Lizardfolk’s belly and underside. In the same way I then inked the cream scales and left it all to dry.

How the Lizardfolk looked after ‘inking’.

As can be seen the adding of the ultra-thin paint just makes the model ‘pop’; you can even see detail on the shield that I had not even noticed before painting, and the whole model is lifted to a new level.

I will post up some images of more extensive paint-jobs soon.


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Flashback Friday: “Rage of Demons: Banshee”

Now This is art, not real life is one year old, I can start to flashback to some of my older posts. If you haven’t seen these before this is the perfect oppertunity to read some new content, or see where this website started!

With that in mind this Flashback Friday I want to take a look back at the first post I ever made on This is art, not real life.

Rage of Demons: Banshee

This article was originally published on 15th September 2018

I bought a few boxes of the Dungeons and Dragons mini-figures for Rage of Demons. I have recently bought the Out of the Abyss adventure and as I was reading through it I thought I would see how the mini-figures look, and I was very impressed.

The figures are very well molded, and very nicely detailed however unsurprisingly the paint work on them as a lot to be desired. Often the printed-on eyes look much better than I could achieve with paints, but they are often not placed accurately, and the rest of the paint on the models is, generally, of a low quality.

With that in mind I have decided to record my painting of these models. The first models I painted were two Banshees I picked up from two different boxes.

How the Banshee looked out of the box.

As you can see the molding is very detailed and the plastic it is made out of works perfectly for a ghost-like enemy, along with the printed on face, which is very accurate on this figure.

Personally I prefer my models details to be emphasised, and this being a Banshee I wanted it to be illuminated in a slightly sickly green-blue hue, to emphasise the unnatural nature of the creature.

With that in mind I mixed some green, blue and black acrylic paints and watered the dark turquoise colour down heavily until the consistency was similar to ink. I then washed the models with the ink, allowing it to sit in all the models details, using a brush to manipulate the ink as it dried.

How the Banshee looked after the paint dried.

As you can see from the image above, once I let the paint dry the thinness of the paint I applied allowed the figure to retain its translucency whilst it gained a bluish tint, and greater definition of its features. Because the paint was thin it also had the benefit of not completely removing the face that was printed on the figure.

Now I have two good looking Banshee figures, that could also double as Ghosts, Spectres or other spectral undead in a game of D&D.


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This is art, not real life celebrates it’s first birthday!

This is so exciting!

This is art, not real life is officially one year old today!

Over the past year we have had over 900 views from over 300 visitors, which really picked up when I started to create content regularly in May.

Thank you so much to all of you who have read, liked, commented and engaged with my content!

I am still learning how to grow and develop this site, what kinds of content you want to see,  how to create a fun web experience for you, and I am excited to continue to develop this site over the years to come.

One of my most popular posts was a deep dive into Dark Souls, which I am excited to say there is a follow up article I have written that will be posted in just two weeks, and looks at From Software’s storytelling techniques!

Hopefully this website continues to be an enjoyable read for you, and I am excited to continue to share this experience with you!

– Aaron Surnaym

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Blog Update: What are the D&D posts about?

Hi guys I just wanted to provide a bit of an update on what is going with This is art, not real life!

Many of you are following for video game content and don’t worry that is still coming! I have lots of articles in the works that will be released soon!

So why the Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Diaries?

I am very close to publishing my first Dungeons and Dragons Adventure!

Title Page

I am in the final stages of editorial work for it and I am hoping to complete it over the next month.

This means that most of my writing time is spent on this adventure!

I have brought on the help of my friend Chloe Wakefield, who has written up the Campaign Diaries of the last mini-campaign I ran.

These are being uploaded so that I can keep providing regular content to you and to hopefully get some of you excited for the imminent release of my adventure!

Once the adventure is published I will resume providing a combination of video game and book related content.

I am so excited to be able to share these things with you and I hope you enjoy this content that I am going to be producing!