Tana Hobnobs, Cleric of Calduran Smoothhands

Not everything in the Underdark is gloomy and without humour. The deep gnomes of the Underdark are a breath of fresh of fresh air and joviality, proof that even in the most hostile environments good hearts can burn bright. This does not prevent deep gnomes from being noticably more grounded and prone to seriousness than their overworld bretheren.

From the small mining town of Pebblesqueak Tana Hobbknobs lived a happy life with her family, until one fateful day when her mother set out on a short errand to another village.

There are many horrors in the underdark, and a simple journey can go wrong in so many ways. Tana’s mother never came back from the journey.

Distraught, the young Tana Hobbknobs, Cleric of Calduran Smoothands, set out obessively to find her mother. Over years of fruitless searching Tana became increasingly withdrawn from her town. The more she obssesively begged for help and demanded more people help her search, the more it pushed  her fellow villagers away.

Several years after her mother’s disappearance Tana came across a troubling site as she explored the higher layers of the underdark; a Goblinoid army.

Returning to her village she tried to warn them of the threat they faced, but her pleas for her people to flee went unheeded. With a heavy heart Tana set out to flee alone, uncertain what fate would befall her or her village, as the marching army approached…