Mojito, Druid of the Circle of the Moon

When an alliance is forged between two nations, a marriage is often used to symbolise that union. So it was with the Dragonborn Sina clan and the Lizardfolk Tahere tribe.

The Aben Marsh was not the most hospitable land for the softer skinned races of the world, but was an ideal hunting ground for the scaled Dragonborn and Lizardfolk.

Being the only significant rivals prompted a rivalry between these tribes for land an resources. That was until the growing threat of invasion pushed together these tribes to protect their ancestral lands.

What started as occasional attacks by Orc raiders soon turned into the Great Orc March, as the Goblinoid nation of Clangor forced Orc tribes out of their home in the Vehement Mountains.

Uniting against this threat the Sina and Tahere tribes formed a pact, joining their blood and ties together. The joint clan of Sitaraei was born, and the first-born of that clan was Mojito, the union of Lizardfolk and Dragonborn, and a symbol of hope for the new clan.

Unfortunately for Mojito the clash of cultures led to a tense childhood, driving him to frequently leave his home and strike out into the wilds of the Aben Marsh. He yearned for the connection he could not find in his home, and the pressure of a clan’s future often weighed upon his young heart.

But isolated an alone in the wilds of the world something spoke to Mojito. Not somthing; somethings.