Lalar Tabor, Horizon Walker Ranger

As a bird chirps in the woodland glade, so does Lalar blah blah on to anyone who has an ear to listen. At least that is what the Firbolgs of Meleia Forest say.

Ancient protectors of the woodland, one with bird and beast, the Firbolgs live a timeless existance, content to live a life of peace. But peace is not something that comes easily, when the armies of the world are on your doorstep. Lalar has long patrolled the forests in isolation, an isolation enforced for the sake of the ears of her bretheren. Despite every listener having heard everything she has to say, somehow still Lalar finds everything and nothing to talk about.

But when reports of the burning of the Sadine Woods to the east reach the ears of the firbolgs, they know two things; 1. they need help, and 2. Lalar will not shut up about it.

With the urgency of the balance of nature at stake, Lalar was sent to Corinthia, to plead for help against the oncoming horde. Who better a diplomat could there be than one who could sustain a three day conversation with a tree?