Harstead Campaign Timeline

20 March

  • Lalar arrives in Harstead
  • Party encounter the Chupacabra
  • Party welcome kobolds into Harstead

[Between dates – Preparing to leave Harstead]

16 April
Party leave Harstead
Aggie leaves Tavern with 100gp to keep it operating

[Between dates – encounter the remains of a Gnoll raiding party, and fight a Gnoll. Aggie finds an egg in her backpack]

20 April
Arrive in Holdfast
Lalar makes friends with a cat
Aggie makes connections with Guigi, a member of the cooks guild
Mojito makes a friend
Party acquire darkvision googles from gnome scientist
Party report Gnolls to Guards

21 April
Party leave Holdfast
Party are ambushed by Drow

24 April
Party arrive as prisoners at Velkenveve
Party meet several fellow prisoners.
Party lose their possessions

[Between dates – party gather intel to plan escape. Lalar acquires a spider companion. Aggie beats-down on Ront. Jimjar makes several bets]

30 April
Party escape Velkenveve
Drow are attacked by demons
Jorlan aids the prisoners escape
Aggie rescues the egg that had been placed before an altar to Lolth
Mojito transforms into a giant spider.
Whole party escape alive

[Between dates – The party are led to Slubildoop by Shuushar the Awakened. The egg is wobbles, something is growing inside it!

8 May
Party is caught in a lava swell. Bupiddo is instantly killed. Haulback is badly disfigured and burned.
Topsy and Turvy leave the party, in the nude. Mojito makes some inappropriate jokes on the topic.
Party make their way safely across the Silken Paths.

9 May
Party are ambushed Kuo-toa manhunters.
Party arrive at Slubildoop
Party see a Kuo-toa sleep walk to its death.
Party have an uncomfortable night sleep

10 May
Party get caught up in political intrigue of Sloopildoop
Demogorgon arrives in Sloopildoop, starts to attack the town.
Party escape, but lose track of Shushar the Awakened
The egg hatches. Aggie grows attached to the spider-kobold monstrosity, naming it Truffle.

[Between dates – Tana leads the party to her hometown]

17 May
Party navigate a hook-horror nest, and encounter a pack of gnolls.
Aggie’s calm emotions triggers a leadership crisis in the gnoll pack.
Mojito sees two creatures eating gnoll bodies. Quietly backs out of room and does not tell the party.

[Between dates – Tana leads the party to her hometown]

Party arrive at hometown
Tana rolls a -1 to intimidate
Goblins are driven out
Tana reunites with family
Lalar transforms into a horse. Neckbeard notices.

[Between dates – Party help out around town, Tana cleanses town altar]

Party leave hometown to travel to blingdenstone, to get support and more powerful clerics to bring healing and support to Tana’s hometown.
Party is followed by neckbeard.
Neckbeard is sent off in a random direction.

[Between dates – Tana leads party to Blingdenstone]

Tunnel collapse results in the party being separated.
Aggie, Mojito and Tana are trapped in the oozing temple.
Meet Glabbagool.
Escape the oozing temple, leave Glabbagool behind.
Reunite with Lalar and the rest of the party – But what happened to the rest of the party in the collapse?!