Agatha Strudregg, Cleric of Lliira

The Vehement Mountains are cold and brutal, and brutal societies are forged in its glacial peaks. But the brutality of society does not have to harden the heart of every person that lives therein.

Turning away from the societal norm and forging your own path can be the hardest journey; taking the strongest hearts and wills to do so. Such was the path that Oak chose when he left his Orcish clan. The bloodlust of Gruumush did not pass to him, and he was rejected by his clan because of it. But chosing not to be the lowest in a society that did not understand him he set out to make something else for himself.

Compassion is a sign of weakness in both Goliath and Orcish society. However compassion is a power stronger than magic. It understands that for all the things that hold people apart, we are all the same. A lack of compassion left the Goliath Tagralli half dead at the foot of an oak tree, too weak to continue with her tribe, too weak to continue to live. But compassion is what caused Oak to stop and tend to her, saving her life in the process.

Compassion brought two disparate people from rival tribes and clans together, and the product of that union was Aggie.

Strong of arm and wild of both hair and heart, Aggie was a testament to all in the village of Harstead that what matters is not the blood from which you come, but the content of your soul.