15 Years Ago…

After The Sundering the power of the gods was broken. Those that lived under their yoke were free to strike out their own path through history. People of all races and nations now had the opportunity to reach out beyond the mold that had been cast for them by their gods, to reshape the world to their own vision.

However, the ability to take advantage of this power vacuum was not isolated to the material plane…

Across the outer planes a new god was born, and amongst the ruined husks of celestials this young god, Maglubiyet, rampaged. Through the slaying of weakened gods and the driving of others into submission, the burgeoning tyrant underwent a dark apotheosis. Following his ascendency he reached out into the material plane and united the varied races of those fallen gods into a singular race of beings; the Goblinoids.

Under his boot, the Goblinoids came together, slowly creeping, slowly uniting, slowly growing until they had the strength to form the new nation of Clangor.

But no new nation can be built without displacing that which came before it.

From their capital of Shattering the armies of Clangor set out, settlement to settlement, extending Maglubiyet’s reach across the world. Those that would not bow to the young god’s domination were executed, and so the headsman’s axe became the supreme symbol of Clangor’s power.

Established on the east of the Vehement Mountains, the pride of Clangor was pricked by the violent and arrogant tribes that called those inhospitable peaks their home. Furious at the insult that such proud people posed on their borders, Clangor extended its reach into the mountains.

Nineteen years ago The Great Orc March brought the nation of Clangor to the attention of the Kingdom of Corinthia, which stood as a bastion of light under the rule of King Corinthia the Aasimar. Living to the west of the Vehement Mountains placed Corinthia and the surrounding lands in the path of those broken refugees fleeing the expansion of the Goblinoid nation.

Seventeen years ago the armies of Clangor finally made it across the Vehement Mountains and Corinthia was given an ultimatum. Submit to Maglubiyet or face the wrath of the Goblinoid nation.

King Corinthia, the bastion of Tyr, was unswayed.

In the war that followed Clangor made quick gains into the heartland of Corinthia, executing clerics and leaders, the Goblinoids pillaged the unprepared lands that lay before them. But they were not prepared for the divine power that King Corinthia carried with her into battle.

When she met them in the field, Corinthia rained holy fire upon the armies of Clangor. The power of the gods may have been broken, but within King Corinthia, Tyr had found his avatar, and the god of victory was not easily overcome. The forces of Clangor were pushed backward, steadily, and unrelentingly until they reached the western edges of the Vehement Mountains. It was here where the armies of Clangor had fortified most heavily, and it was here that the two-year standstill came.

Fifteen years ago Clangor was driven into a full retreat from the region.

The Wardens of Corinthia, an elite group of soldiers and mages, mercenaries and thieves, tore apart the Clangorian supply lines and disrupted the armies’ leadership through coordinated guerrilla attacks and assassinations. These disruptions left the isolated Goblinod army in disarray and made them easy pickings for the Corinthian armies to crush absolutely.

Clangor had lost its foothold west of the Vehement Mountains and was forced to regroup at Shattering.

Peace returned once again to the Kingdom of Corinthia.

Able to rest after a hard-fought campaign, Hektor and Alysha, leaders of the Wardens, settled together in the outlying town of Harstead, the easternmost settlement within the borders of the Kingdom.

In Harstead they hoped to enjoy retirement from warfare, but the choice of Harstead was no mere escape from a soldier’s life.

From this outlying village the two Wardens kept vigil, waiting for the time when Clangor would cross those mountains once again…


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