Wardens of Corinthia

Fifteen years ago the young Goblinoid nation, Clangor, waged a war of aggression against the world. The Kingdom of Corinthia stood against the Goblinoid armies, holding them back, and preventing their expanse out of the Vehement Mountains.

After fifteen years of peace the lands outside of the the Kingdom of Corinthia are seeing the firstfruits of renewed Goblinoid aggression… (Read More)

The Party

Agatha Studregg | Half-Orc, Half-Goliath | Cleric of Lliira

Tana Hobbnobs | Deep Gnome | Cleric of Calduran Smoothhands

Mojito |Half-Dragonborn, Half-Lizardfolk | Druid of the Moon

Lalar Tabor | Firbolg | Horizon Walker Ranger

Chapter 1: A Conjunction of Fates

Part 1

Part 2