Giff Wars

Giff Wars: The Rebellion of House Organo

A long time ago in a multi-verse far far away…

This is a mini-campaign I ran that is in no way based on a popular space opera film franchise.

Our heroes are members of the royal guard of House Organo, the royal family of the City State of Alder, who have been sent on a diplomatic mission by their king…

These campaign diaries are written by Chloe Wakefield, who plays the Paladin Nei in the events that unfold, and the artwork for this campaign was drawn by Jess Butcher who plays the Bard Alicath, and who drew the sketches mid session.


Session 1 – The Hunt for Ubi

Session 2 – Port Isley

Session 2 Part 2 – To the Skies!

Session 3 – A Moment’s Respite

Session 3 Part 2 – The City of Alder

Session 3 Part 3 – Infiltration

Session 4 Part 1 – The Throne Room

Session 4 Part 2 – Finale