Blog Update: What are the D&D posts about?

Hi guys I just wanted to provide a bit of an update on what is going with This is art, not real life!

Many of you are following for video game content and don’t worry that is still coming! I have lots of articles in the works that will be released soon!

So why the Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Diaries?

I am very close to publishing my first Dungeons and Dragons Adventure!

Title Page

I am in the final stages of editorial work for it and I am hoping to complete it over the next month.

This means that most of my writing time is spent on this adventure!

I have brought on the help of my friend Chloe Wakefield, who has written up the Campaign Diaries of the last mini-campaign I ran.

These are being uploaded so that I can keep providing regular content to you and to hopefully get some of you excited for the imminent release of my adventure!

Once the adventure is published I will resume providing a combination of video game and book related content.

I am so excited to be able to share these things with you and I hope you enjoy this content that I am going to be producing!

Author: Aaron Surnaym

Writer, Artist and occasional Dungeon Master.

6 thoughts on “Blog Update: What are the D&D posts about?”

    1. I have not planned for it to be – I will check the rules – I suspect there may be issues due to one or two homebrew items in it.

      It is a murder mystery module designed for low level players and could be inserted, in theory, into any campaign with ease as it is self contained.

      How do you play?

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      1. Yeah I think AL stuff has strict rules around what is allowed which is really unfortunate – homebrew stuff is usually a lot more exciting and allows for more creativity.
        Sounds really interesting! I’d definitely love to give it a try whenever you publish!
        So I’m in 2 AL groups now, one has just been running some Tier 1 mods, and the other we’ve been doing Dungeon of the Mad Mage. The 3rd group I play in is a homebrew campaign we actually just started about a month ago? So I’m excited to see where it goes and keep developing my character!
        Sorry for the random comments, but from one of your followers, I enjoy the D&D content as well!

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      2. That sounds really cool, and the comments are not random at all!

        You have a huge amount of D&D on your plate, which is so cool, that kind of passion is why I am writing this stuff.

        If your groups are between level 1-5 (closer to 5 is easier) they could try out the adventure, it is designed as a oneshot with 4-9 hours of play depending on how your party progresses.

        I’m glad followers also enjoy this content!

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      3. I just started playing around January of this year, so I kinda jumped into as many games as I could to start learning more. It’s super fun to play, I’m glad I took a chance and picked it up 🙂
        Our Tier 1 group is between levels 3 and 4 now so I think it would work for them? I think we’re in a bit of limbo until season 9 starts in September or October, so if you publish before then, I’m sure they’d be down to give it a try!
        I’ve never DMed before, but I was thinking about writing a Halloween one-shot for a group of friends, so depending on how that goes, I might post about it.

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